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Testimonials from Our Customers:
"I was on total disability with severe physical problems when I first started
taking Real Pilates.  I could not even do “rolling like a ball”.  Pilates was terrific
in helping me rebuild strength without strain, because much can be done on
the floor.   Real Pilates complemented my other therapies well and played an
instrumental part in my recovery.  I keep saying “Real” Pilates, because when
you have done Real Pilates you know the difference!  Robin at Pilates of
Columbia teaches Real Pilates and remains an instrumental part of my
wellness program.  It is a fun way to gain and maintain core strength and
Nancy Flournoy
“It is amazing what Pilates has
done for my body and mind!  I
look forward to each class, your
workouts have given me energy
and I feel like a new woman every
time I leave”.  
Bonnie Langreder

"Robin is a classically trained,
experienced Pilate’s instructor.  
She was so positive and patient
teaching me in private lessons
that I now truly enjoy and look
forward to group mat classes.  
She is truly committed to helping
other enjoy and benefit from this
method of exercise.  Practicing
Pilates regularly under Robin’s
supervision and support has
improved my balance, strength
and flexibility and I thoroughly
enjoy the classes three times a
Marian Minor
"I attribute much of my general fitness to
Robin Martin’s professional and sensitive
teaching.  Furthermore, I believe Pilates
and the life style it advocates was
essential to my recovery from a stroke."  
Betty Wilson
"I’ve exercised my whole life at fitness
centers and had taken group mat Pilates
there, but never did I receive such
detailed and proper instruction for have
made more progress than weeks of
fitness center “Pilates.”  fitness center
"In the spirit of not taking great
Robin Riley Martin quite likely the
only former Lucille Ball impersonator
turned Pilate’s instructor in the world
makes getting your butt kicked a
thoroughly enjoyable experience."     
Katherine Reed
More from Our Satisfied Customers:
"Three years ago, I was hit by a car while walking home from work in Baltimore.  I was lucky to be alive.  After 10
months of physical therapy, however, one thing was clear: I’d have to continue to keep myself strong and fit in a
way I’d never had to before if I wanted to keep ongoing pain at bay.  When I came back to finish my doctoral
degree at MU, I needed more help than my regular exercise routine.  Last fall, I found Robin, who trained with
Joseph Pilates’ own protégé.  No Physical therapy has done has much for me as much as Robin has.  I’m
stronger and fitter than ever, and I feel the best I have since the accident.  Thank you, Robin! "
Catherine Craven
"Regular Pilates has definitely improved
my balance.  I especially appreciate that
Robin always know how to make
adjustments for each person’s individual
needs and body."  
Vicky Wilson
"In a short amount of time Pilates has greatly improved
my core strength and posture.  There are several places
in Columbia where Pilates classes are held but in
researching before I started I found that Robin is
definitely the best qualified.  Her training was conducted
by a direct student of Joseph Pilates and it was
extensive.  In addition she has the equipment required to
maximize her training.  If you are looking to improve your
core strength I do not think there is a better instructor."    
Bonnie Trickey
"Once a week, I drive 70 miles to practice
authentic Pilates from Robin Riley Martin.  
Over the past four years of instruction, I
am stronger, I am more fit and I am
one-half inch taller!  At 40 years old, my
quality of life is the best it has ever been."

Kimberly Tadrus Moberly, MO.
"The best present I gave myself is Pilates of Columbia
with Robin as private sessions.  I had serious knee
problems 6 months ago and now, my posture & strength
has improved.  I stand taller; feel better and look better.  
Robin is exceptional in Pilate’s knowledge and training.  
Her personal encouraging attitude makes me feel
Melissa Applegate
"As a hairstylist working on my feet all day, Pilates has
helped me keep in shape without having to be on my
feet! I enjoy the mat classes and the private reformer
sessions with Robin.  Due to years of physical work, my
neck and shoulders have paid the price, but Robin has
shown me how to modify my workouts to help me have a
great workout without injuring myself and relieve the
stress in my muscles.  Pilates helps me stay strong and
healthy.  Thanks Robin!"  
Kim Olson
posture and stamina.  Jerry Murrell